Please find below details of all of the items in our brand new menu. We have worked very hard to prepare a range of exciting and delicious authentic dishes. We look forward to cooking them for you.

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Negroni £8.50
Prosecco DOC Tombacco 125 ml glass £6.50
  Btl £29.50
VII Hills Gin & Tonic £10.75
Nocellara (V, Ve) £4.00
sicilian olives  
Tarallini (V, Ve) £4.00
savoury crackers
Croccantini £3.50
salami crisps
Patatine (V, Ve) £3.00
Ciccioli £4.00
pork crackling
Salumi £4.50
cured meats, artisan crostini
Arancini £8.00
sicilian rice balls, beef ragu, mozzarella
Burrata £9.00
creamy burrata cheese, heritage tomatoes, olives
Carpaccio £10.00
thinly sliced swordfish ceviche or fillet beef carpaccio
Langostine all’Aglio £12.00
langoustines in shell, garlic, chilli, olive oil
Terrina di Verdure (V, Ve) £6.50
vegetable terrine, artisan crostini
Bruschetta (V, Ve) £5.50
toasted bread, heritage tomatoes, red onion, garlic
Calamari Fritti £8.50
fresh squid, garlic aioli

Pane all’Aglio (V)                   £5.00      £6.00
Garlic, tomato or mozzarella garlic bread
Margherita (V) £10.00
tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil
Siciliana £12.50
tomato, mozzarella, nduja, chilli, black olives, oregano
Prosciutto £12.50
tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, rocket, parmesan shavings
Salsiccia e Friarielli £13.00
tomato, mozzarella, fennel sausage, broccoletti, chilli
Tartufo £14.00
white pizza, mozzarella, truffle, caciocavallo cheese, porcini mushrooms
Genovese (V) £12.00
white pizza, pesto, mozzarella, mixed olives

Mafaldine al Tartufo (V) £17.00
black truffle, mascarpone, mushrooms
Paccheri all’Aragosta £26.00
half lobster, prawns, chilli, cherry tomatoes
Rigatoni con Salsiccia £13.00
sicilian sausage, tomato, parmesan shavings
Tortelloni di Maiale £15.00
homemade, roasted pork shoulder parcels, sage butter
Risotto Nero di Seppia £16.00
black squid ink, calamari, mussels, prawns
Risotto Milanese (V, Ve) £15.00
saffron, white wine
Linguine Carbonara £13.00
smoked pancetta, cream

Osso Buco £24.00
slow-roasted veal shank, risotto milanese
Pollo Milanese £16.00
breaded chicken cutlet, anchovy fillets, spaghetti pomodoro
Pesce Spada con Gremolata £22.00
swordfish steak, garlic, parsley, lemon
Branzino al Forno £25.00
whole seabass, black squid ink risotto
Porchetta con Sanguinaccio £22.00
pork belly, black pudding & creamed potatoes
Filetto alla Griglia £24.00
8oz locally sourced fillet steak
Bistecca Stile Fiorentina £26.50
16oz locally sourced t-bone steak combining fillet & sirloin
sauces made to order: gorgonzola, creamy porcini (V), marsala peppercorn (V) £3.00

Cestino di Pane (V, Ve) £3.50
freshly baked bread selection
Friarielli (V, Ve) £3.50
broccoletti, olive oil, garlic, chilli
Zucchini Fritti (V, Ve) £3.50
courgette fries
Patatine Fritte (V, Ve) £3.50
homemade chips, rosemary sea salt
Patatine di Polenta (V) £3.50
polenta & parmesan chips
Insalata Rucola (V) £4.00
rocket & parmesan
Insalata di Pomodoro (V, Ve) £4.00
heritage tomatoes, red onion, basil

Cannolo Siciliano (V) £6.00
pastry, sweet ricotta, pistacchio
Cassata Siciliana (V) £6.00
rum sponge, ricotta, candied fruit, marzipan cake
Rum Baba (V) £6.00
rum soaked sponge, chantilly cream
Tiramisù (V) £6.00
savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone, amaretto, espresso
Budino al Cioccolato (V) £6.00
caramel chocolate pot, hazelnuts, sea salt
Gelato e Sorbetto (V) £6.00
vanilla, chocolate & hazelnut, pistachio, coffee, lemon sorbet
Formaggi £8.50
italian cheese selection, artisan biscuits, chutney

A 10% discretionary service charge
will be added to your final bill.
If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance, please let your server know upon placing your order. Guests with severe allergies or intolerances should be aware that although all due care is taken, there is a risk of allergen ingredients still being present.
V Vegetarian Ve Vegan